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Sulphurous mineral waters - health resort resorces

Wetlands of Ķemeri National Park are famous with sulphurous mineral waters, which form under the bogs in approximately 246 km2 range. Sulphurous mineral waters are a very important resource of the Ķemeri health resort.
The sulphurous mineral water deposit in Ķemeri is the largest one in Latvia and one of the largest in Europe. The sulphurous mineral waters are formed in anaerobic biochemical process under the bogs with participation of sulphate reducing bacteria which use the sulphurous compounds and organic matter.
Besides mineral waters also the medical mud is being extracted providing a complex approach in healing with enhanced efficiency.

The healing resort in Ķemeri runs since the 18th century. In 1838 the first state bathhouse was built. The popularity of the resort was rapidly increasing, and in 1911 a direct train connection from Ķemeri to Moscow was opened. In the soviet time, Ķemeri was a resort of outstanding importance, where thousands of patients every year from all the Soviet Union came to recover. Currently the sulphurous mineral waters and healing mud are used in the resort rehabilitation centre “Jaunķemeri”.
Sulphurous mineral water baths in Jaunķemeri health resort. Through skin and mucuous membranes the hydrogen sulphide is being uptaken into blood, where it involves in biochemical reactions and promotes the processes in human body. Sulphurous mineral water bath procedures are applied for healing heart and blood-vessel diseases, disturbances in metabolism and inflammations. The mineral water is being used also internally to heal for example stomach and gallbladder diseases. banneris banneris banneris

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