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Skudrupīte floodplain

Melnragi Meadows, the floodplain of the straightened Skudrupīte River is located in Tukums municipality, Džūkste parish.
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In the 19th century Skudrupīte River was a tributary of the Slampe River. The Slampe River discharged into the Bērze River, which flew into the Lielupe River. Later on, this area experienced large-scale drainage works and straightening of streams, thus adjusting the lands for agricultural purposes.
In the 1930ies, the Skudrupīte River was straightened, and by digging the 12 km long stretch of Kauguri Channel, the waters of Skudrupīte and Slampe were directly discharged into the Lielupe River. Later on, in 1964 the Slampe River was straightened. In all the surrounding floodplain meadows closed drainage pipe system was established causing cessation of seasonal flooding in this area.
Straightened Skudrupīte River, March 2012. Photo: Jānis Ķuze.
Skudrupīte floodplain in maps
Skudrupīte floodplain in 1911. The Skudrupīte River is partly straightened, partly has natural flow. In the beginning of Melnragu meadows the Skudrupīte River discharges into the Slampe River.
Map: Main headquarters gaodesic-topographic division, published in 1928 according to the situation in 1911.
Skudrupīte floodplain in 2006. The Skudrupīte River is straightened and it's flow has been considerably changed. The Skudrupīte River flows through the Melnragi meadows and at the beginning of the Dunduru meadows discharges into the Slampe River*.
Map: Latvian Geospatial Information Agency.
* - In the middle of 2006 the administration of the Kemeri National Park carried out restoration works of the Slampe River. The remeandering of the river was done in the framework of LIFE project LIFE2002/NAT/LV/8496. More information about the remeandering of the Slampe River is available here banneris banneris banneris

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