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Wetlands for Nature and People

Last changes: 2022-08-01



Registration of the participants of the seminar
The first meeting of the Steering Group took place shortly before the seminar
The seminar was led by Andris Širovs, director of Pieriga Regional Administration of the Nature Conservation Agency
Diāna Kampāne, representative of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, gave an introduction to LIFE+ program
Agnese Balandiņa, representative of Pierīga Regional Administration of Nature Conservation Agency, told about the values of the Kemeri National Park, wetlands among them
Nature expert Agnese Priede told about the nature values of the wetlands and stressed the need to restore the wetlands
64 participants attended the seminar
Zigurds Zēns, representative of the drainage company "Meliorprojekts" told about the wetland restoration impact on nearby areas - levels of flood waters are reduced
Project coordinator Ilze Ķuze introduced to project actions and planned results
Gatis Eriņš, representative of the Institute of Environmental Solutions, told about the innovative methods, that will be used in the project - modelling of the surface water flows with the help of the 3D models
The course of the seminar was filmed by Lelde Goba, representative of the film company Elm Media
Hydrologist Inga Grīnfelde introduced to hydrological aspects of the project teritorries
Oskars Purmalis, representative of the Institute for Environmental Solutions, introduced to hydrological monitoring plan of the project
Benita Štrausa told about restoration of Dviete River and co-operation with a local society in the LIFE+ project DVIETE LIFE09 NAT/LV/000237
Dr. Gita Bērziņa introduced to sulphurous mineral waters and their use in the treatment of various diseases banneris banneris banneris

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