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Construction plans for hydrologic regime restoration have been developed. Construction works will be carried soon

In order to realize the project „Restoring the hidrological regime of the Kemeri national park" (HYDROPLAN) that previses restoration of the natural level of water in three territories of Kemeri National park wetlands which have been effected by draining, two construction plans for hydrologic regime restoration have been developed. In the nearest future they shall allow to start actual construction works.

Project has been developed by SIA “Engineering bureau “Profecto””. One construction plan has been developed for Green marsh (in Engure region Smarde district) located in Kemeri national park territory, the other one for Skudrupite alluvial land and woods located to the west from Kemeri moor (in Tukums region Dzukste and Slampe districts).

Construction plans have been developed according to Project territory hydrologic restoration programs, construction permits issued by Regional Construction authorities, as well as Environmental impact assessment. Pursuant to guidelines specified in Programs, developers have made reconstruction (dismantling) project for melioration systems that shall provide hydrologic regime close to natural humidity regime and decrease negative affect of draining system operation to special protected biotopes.

During the course of construction plan development necessary documentation was also received, including, Initial evaluation of the effect and Environmental impact assessment according to the requirements of law “On Environmental impact assessment”, as well as various substantial works have been carried on, such as – engineering and technical research of ditch-beds and terrains, Project plan development for existing system of melioration ditches, research of grounds, as well as calculations of work amounts.

Construction plan development has been started on September 5, 2014, and was finished on June 19, 2017. Opened tender for determination of potential construction work provider has been currently announced. Application period ended on August 24. It means that real construction works in territories of project could be stared soon.

Planned that project for restoration of natural values protected in the European scale – high marsh, wet woods and alluvial land meadows, in Kemeri national park, shall end in 2018. banneris banneris banneris

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