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Wetlands for Nature and People

Last changes: 2019-08-22



Experience exchange trip to restored wetland sites in Finland

Finland has more than twenty years of experience in wetland restoration, and that was the reason why representatives from LIFE+ HYDROPLAN project team, technical project drafters from “PROFECTO”, experts from Latvian Fund for Nature as well as representatives from Tukums and Engure municipalities, Ministry of Agriculture and local media “Neatkarīgās Tukuma ziņas” visited it during the experience exchange trip.

Twelve wetland restoration areas (both forests and bogs) were visited during the trip in Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas, Seitseminen and Pyhä-Häkki National parks; some with restoration history dating back to 1993. Each visit consisted of detailed theoretical presentation and an on-site visit, during one of those participants even had the chance to observe work of excavator in a renewable bog. Finnish experts shared not only experience of success, but also experience of mistakes. Participants got the opportunity to learn more about bog restoration techniques and scientific work in restored areas such as measurements of methane and CO2 in bog restored 17 years ago.

Excavator work in Kauhaneva - Pohjankangas National park. Photo by Ieva Lazda

Restored bog. Before raising water level, all trees were removed. Photo by Ieva Lazda


Participants of experience exchange trip in restored  aapa mire. There is an island visible on background where controlled burning was implemented to restore the forest habitats. Photo by Ieva Lazda banneris banneris banneris