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Wetlands for Nature and People

Last changes: 2021-03-10



Project is implemented by:
Nature Conservation Agency: 
Institute for Environmental Solutions:
Latvian Fund for Nature:
Elm Media: 
EU LIFE+ programme:
Latvian Environmental Protection Fund: 
State institutions and local authorities:
The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development:
Ministry of Agriculture:
State Forest Service:
Engure County Government:
Tukums County Government:

Non-governmental organizations:
Latvian Ornithological Society:
Other LIFE+ Nature projects in Latvia:
Forest Habitat Restoration within the Gauja National Park (For-rest): 
Restoration of Corncrake habitats in Dviete floodplain Natura 2000 site (Dviete):
Restoration of Raised Bog Habitats in the Especially Protected Nature Areas of Latvia (Augstie purvi):
Management of Fennoscandian wooded meadows (6530*) and two priority beetle species: planning, public participation, innovation (Eremita Meadows):
Conservation of rare reptiles and amphibians in Latvia (HerpetoLatvia):
Innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and assessment of conservation status of nature values in the Baltic Sea (Marmoni):
Nature protection in EU:
European Commission's Environment Directorate-General:
EC Nature and biodiversity webpage:
Habitats Directive:
Convention on Biological Diversity:
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands: banneris banneris banneris