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Wetlands for Nature and People

Last changes: 2022-08-01



1) Elaboration of a hydrological restoration programme for priority areas within the Kemeri National Park, serving as an example for hydrological modelling in the region.
2) Implementation of hydrology restoration measures aiming at improvement of conservation status of bog woodland and swamp forest habitats, raised bog habitats and riparian meadow habitats.
3) Adaptation of airborne remote sensing data interpretation methods for hydrological modelling, habitat conservation status assessment and hydrology restoration planning, and distribution of know-how to other countries.
4) Awareness rising and attitude change of the local society about hydrology restoration measures targeting habitats of EU importance.
Actions and means involved:
  • Assessment of the functionality of drainage systems and elaboration of digital 3D models of the systems;
  • Complex evaluation of conservation status of the habitats of EU importance using combined data from airborne remote sensing and habitat inventories;
  • Elaboration of hydrology restoration programme;
  • Implementation of restoration measures in priority areas aiming at restoration of natural water regimes and functions of ecosystems;
  • Organisation of seminars, experience exchange trips and production of informative audio-visual materials on hydrology restoration issues. banneris banneris banneris

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