Four seminars for local society in April 2014
Inhabitants of Ķemeri, Smārde, Slampe and Lapmežciems will be introduced with hydrological restoration programmes.

Wetland month in Slampe
To highlight February as an International wetland month, several events of various wetland explorations were arranged in Slampe village.

First steps are made to renew melioration system in Kūdra village
During the last year conditions of several ditches in area close to LIFE+ project Hydroplan site were investigated by drainage experts and assessment was provided in spring 2013.

Water flow restored in Melnragi ditch
In October 2013 ditch near the Melnragi meadows was reconstructed to facilitate drainage of nearby field.

Cooperation with the local schools continues
In the spring and autumn 2013, LIFE+ project HYDROPLAN and NCA continued cooperation with the local schools – 137 students and teachers of Smarde, Zemgale and Kemeri schools learned about the wetlands of Kemeri national park.

Joint works in the trails of Smarde forest
In the spring and autumn 2013 two joint works in the trails of Smarde village forest have been organized by project HYDROPLAN, Nature Conservation Agency and local association “Kemeru nacionala parka draugu biedriba”.

Development of wetland restoration scenarios
This fall LIFE + project HYDROPLAN continues to work on restoration of degraded wetlands in Kemeri National Park – elaboration and evaluation of different wetland restoration scenarios has started in September.

Participation in the European River Restoration Conference 2013
IES expert Ruta Abaja attended European River Restoration Conference 2013, that was held in Vienna (Austria), September 11-13, 2013.

Study tour to restored raised bogs and floodplain meadows in Germany and Belgium
On July 9-14, 2013, LIFE + HYDROPLAN project team and experts, as well as representatives of Engure and Tukums counties and the reporter of the local newspaper visited restored wetland areas in Germany and Belgium.

Spring and birds in floodplain meadows
This and the following week is the best time to visit Dunduri floodplain meadows in the Kemeri national park, where the first river re-meandering project in Latvia was carried out in 2005.

Local schools learn about wetlands
In order to involve local children in wetland research and restoration, this winter LIFE+ project HYDROPLAN team has started cooperation with local schools.

Ground survey of EU importance habitats
LIFE+ HYDROPLAN project partner organization Latvian Fund for Nature carries out a ground survey of EU importance habitats in Zaļais Bog, Skudrupīte River floodplain and forests at a W part of Ķemeri Bog in 2012.

Development of hydrology restoration programmes started
First meeting on development of hydrology restoration programmes took place on October 18, 2012.

Experience exchange in Dviete floodplain and Teiči nature reserve
An experience exchange study tour to wetland restoration areas in the Nature Park “Dviete floodplain” and Teiči Nature Reserve was organized within the LIFE+ project HYDROPLAN on October 11-12, 2012.

Survey of drainage systems
In summer 2012 ground survey of drainage systems was carried out in the project sites – Zaļais Bog and wet forests at W part of Ķemeri Bog and neighbouring areas by project partner organization Institute for Environmental Solutions.

Remote sensing data acquisition and processing
In 2012 remote sensing data acquisition was carried out within LIFE project HYDROPLAN.

Four seminars for local society organized in summer 2012
In order to inform the local society about planned research and restoration of three wetland areas in Kemeri National Park within the LIFE+ project HYDROPLAN, NCA Pierīga regional administration organised four meetings in June and July 2012.

Hydrological monitoring of the project sites and neighbouring areas
Since June 2012 project partner organization Institute for Environmental Solutions is carrying out groundwater level and surface runoff monitoring in the project sites and neighbouring areas.

Inventory of the River Skudrupīte plant and animal species has been carried out
In May – June 2012 inventory of the River Skudrupīte (one of the project’s areas) plant and animal species have been carried out and a survey about its results has been prepared.

Steering Group meeting takes place
First meeting of the Steering Group of the LIFE+ project HYDROPLAN took place on 5th June, 2012.

Restoration of wetlands presented at the Project kick-off seminar
Kick of seminar of the Project „Restoration of hydrological regime in Ķemeri National Park” was held in Jaunķemeri on the 4th of April. The event focused on the theme „Wetlands for nature and people” and attracted 64 participants.

Welcome to the project kick-off seminar!
Nature Conservation Agency invites you to take part in the kick-off seminar of the LIFE Nature + project HYDROPLAN, held on the 4th of April, 2012 in RRC “Jaunķemeri

Nature values of EU importance to be restored in Ķemeri National Park
Nature Conservation Agency has started work on EC LIFE + project devoted to nature conservation “Restoring the hydrological regime of Ķemeri National Park”.

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